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    Boat Financing

    Posted in: NAELB Members Only

    I have an existing customer who I have done two deals for. The first one was for underwater surveying equipment for roughly $193K (Jan 2012) and the other was for a boat worth approximately $150K (Oct 2012). He installed his survey equipment...

  • Posted in: NAELB Members Only

    Which of our funding sources will do a monthly drafting on a working capital funding. Our customer will not allow daily/weekday drafting. Please advise with your recommendations. Thanks in advance! ------------------------------ Gary Greene,...

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    equipment source auction - $20k backhoe to be acquired,...

    Posted in: NAELB Members Only

    $20k backhoe to be acquired from auction - prospective applicant would like to finance - what issues will the auction present - any guidance? Is equipment source, auction, an barrier to the financing process? thank you ------------------------------...

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