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  • Posted in: NAELB Members Only

    I just received this response as email exchange with the CA DBO: "Mr. Greene, Good morning. Yes, we expect to have it posted by middle of next week. Thanks for your patience. ANGELITO V. SALANDANAN ...

  • Posted in: NAELB Members Only

    Common issues that you continually face ex....My Vendors always complaining about how long it takes to fund ex.....My Customer always complaining about paperwork... etc.. ex... My Brokers never send me the complete package OR (if your a broker)...

  • Posted in: NAELB Members Only

    Jay: Great question. I was thinking the exact same thing. We have not received any communications from the State of California requesting reporting. We are licensed as a Broker and Lender in CA. Any help from the community would be greatly appreciated....

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