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Latest Discussions

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    Sale Leasebacks

    Posted in: NAELB Members Only

    I am looking for sale leaseback funding for 10-12 tunnel car washes.  The first one is ready to go with land, permits and licensing.  We need $3 million for the first one and a commitment for the rest for $2.5- $3 million each in increments of 1-2 at ...

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    RE: Spreading the internet love

    Posted in: NAELB Members Only

    Thanks for sharing this great video with our members Taylor.  This is very helpful indeed.  Have a great Memorial holiday. ------------------------------ Rosanne Wilson CLFP, BPB President 1st Independent Leasing, Inc. (503) 626-3486 ------------------------------

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    Advantage Templates

    Posted in: NAELB Members Only

    If you are a First Federal broker you know they have updated their documents as of 4/21.  As an Advantage user I have made templates out of some of their basic EFC documents and I have permission to share them with other First Federal brokers.  If you ...

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    RE: Ring Central problems

    Posted in: NAELB Members Only

    Jim, when we first went with VOIP we selected Ring Central.  Getting set up was a real cluster ^&^).  Their tech support was in Bangladesh or someplace half way around the world.  We switched to Nextiva and they have been great.  Support is in Arizona! ...

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