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  • Posted in: NAELB Members Only

    1) I dislike the new format that the reports are in now. 2) What are the chances that you can get CoreLogic Credco to allow our members "soft pulls"? A few different lenders are doing it now and it is only logical to be able to do this? Let us know...

  • Posted in: NAELB Members Only

    @ All CBA / Credco Credit bureau users... FINAL NOTICE --- A PLATFORM CHANGE IS COMING !! If you are currently using CBA Pyramid Credit Reports through the NAELB CBA benefits program, you need to prepare for a transition...

  • Posted in: NAELB Members Only

    We used to put that information right on the home page. After the website conversion, it is no longer there. As Chair of the Membership committee, I get a report each month of all the New members so my committee can contact each one of them and welcome...

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